Dance classes

Students are placed into appropriate classes by teachers based upon skill and age

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Dancers who are 6 years old and under are considered primary. At age 7, primary dancers automatically become "beginners." Primary dancers learn: Pas de BasquesPas de Basques and HighcutsHighland Fling, and Sword Dance.

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Beginner I

New dancers (age 7 or older) with little or no experience. These dancers learn: Highland FlingSword Dance, and Scottish Lilt.

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Beginner II / Novice

Beginner and Novice dancers with experience. They are expected to know: Highland FlingSword Dance and Scottish Lilt. These dancers learn: Seann TruibhasStrathspey and Highland Reel, Half Tulloch and Flora MacDonald's Fancy.

Beginners become Novices when they earn six stamps at competitions. Novices become Intermediates when they earn six stamps at competitions.

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Intermediate / Premier

Intermediate dancers become premiers when they earn six stamps at competitions. These dancers learn: Wilt thou go to the barracks, Johnny?, Highland Laddie (Hielan' Laddie), Sailor's Hornpipe, and Irish Jig

Premiers compete at the highest level and learn all dances, including championship steps which change every year. These dancers know these additional dances: Strathspey and Highland Reel and Half TullochFull Reel of Tulloch, Blue Bonnets Over the BorderVillage MaidScotch Measure (Twasome), and Earl of Erroll.

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Recreational class for new and continuing dancers with some, little or no experience.